Which laptop to buy in 2018?


I really like the MacBook Pro’s build quality, but I also need better CPU and more RAM. There are a few alternatives like the Dell XPS 13 and Mi Gaming Laptop.

What do you guys suggest?


I’ll suggest. Go anywhere where you can check live demo models of laptops.
I take an ubuntu live bootable pendrive with me and checkout basic things. WiFi, Video, etc.

Vijay Sales near me did cooperate and let me boot ubuntu live on it.

What I’d suggest is get a good laptop with max ram you can afford and SSD don’t go for gaming laptops.

For serious HPC I’ll go with desktop with Dedicated/Multi GPU setting.

For serious gaming - gaming console!


There is the Thinkpad line too. they are a bit on the costlier side though. if you have an old macbook you can install linux on it , but the battery life is not 100% compared to what you would get on the macbook with osx.

To make things easier, choose any laptop (that you think has the build quality) except one that has broadcom wifi drivers.


If you are looking for a Free Software compatible one, Purism Librem 13 is a good choice. Though its a bit expensive. I have two of them at home.


I am planning to buy it next year :slight_smile:


But I think its not available in India… We need to import it na??..but its great at it’s privacy and security level features…


Yes, there was a talk about manufacturing or at least assembling them in India. But it seems that discussion has not progressed much :frowning:


Ya…me too heard about it…also read in news papers…also CEO of that company came to Kerala to discuss this…but don’t know the present status


A good list of companies selling GNU/Linux pre installed https://poddery.com/posts/3671021


Hey, did you buy the Laptop?


I too like to have but price is the issue
Few months before we discussed about doing som stuffs to convert the existing laptop to install the open bios


Warehouse Clearance Sale! Librem laptops starting at $999 https://puri.sm/posts/warehouse-clearance-sale-librem-laptops-starting-at-999/ it is good opportunity to buy one of those laptops if price were the main concern for you.


I’m a sucker for old thinkpads. They have great linux support. You can usually score one off of ebay for less than 30K (take into consideration the sellers rating).

Then I add an extra stick of RAM and and SSD. The thing with thinkpads is that you can easily open one up and mess around with it. Refer the thinkwiki on how to get your hands dirty.

If you’re on a budget :money_with_wings:, go with the thinkpad. For small form factor try the X-series lineup, the T-series for anything and everything & the W-series for workstation grade hardware.

If you’re not on a budget the XPS line up from dell is what you should get. You really get what you pay for :heavy_plus_sign: the customer support is great.

If Mi had started their customer support shops for laptops in your region, I don’t see why you shouldn’t take a chance with it :grin: However as @revant mentioned, check how it is with a live version of a distro, if you can.

Hit back, with what you end up doing though :cool:


really loving Thinkpad… I bought a refurbished thinkpad for 12k and I feel it is solid compared to the new generation laptops…


Thinkpad and Puri.sm are great options. But in terms of quality and performance then it is Dell. But we are looking towards more open hardware.